Pipe Prefabrication

If you need prefabricated pipe for your next project, contact our professional team. We’ll deliver quality materials to help you with your build.


Your industry is a busy one. We understand. That’s why we offer pipe prefabrication services. Consider us an extension of your team. Our professionals can save you time and help reduce the costs of installation with prefabrication. All of our prefabricated products will be shipped to your site for easy installation. That means you won’t have to worry about missing your production deadlines.

The benefits of choosing pipe prefabrication are many, including

  • Cut down on fieldwork. You can get the project done quicker y reducing the amount of work your employees need to put in on-site.
  • Improve productivity on your site. Prefab pipes mean that you’ll be able to do more and improve the productivity of your site.
  • Advance the quality of piping. Having pipe prefabricated allows the job to be done in a controlled setting. This will ensure you have quality workmanship compared to what could be accomplished on a worksite.
  • Meet tight construction deadlines. Our team will work with you to create the prefab pipe and pieces that you need on your timeline.
  • Reduce project costs. Prefabrication piping can be done quickly and efficiently off-site. This cuts down on your labour and material costs without disrupting your production.
  • Increased safety on your site. Our team takes pride in the quality of their prefabricated pipes. Each piece will undergo inspections and testing before it arrives at your location. This can reduce the safety risk to your staff as they will not have to log as many on-site hours.

We start by working with you to develop a design that suits your needs. From there, our team will use the latest techniques and equipment to build it. Whether you need spools, large elbows, manifolds, or custom prefabrications for your unique measurements and needs, you can count on us.

Types of prefabricated piping

There is virtually no limit to the type of piping and pieces that we can prefabricate for your project. The most common request we get is for pipe spools. These sections of a piping system can be fitted with other elements to make installation easier, such as flanges, valves, elbows, tees and more. With prefabricated pipe spools, you’ll benefit from a more accurate cut and weld than you may be able to do on-site. Our team will also inspect and test each product before it ships so you can be sure that nothing has been overlooked.

Why choose prefabricated pipe?

All projects are driven by a deadline. If you need to divert your team to building pipe on-site, it can slow things down. Moreover, the lack of space you have on a worksite can reduce the quality of creating pipes. It can also compromise your project by reducing your construction team and the space they have to work in. Choosing prefabricated pipes just makes sense. And it makes for a happier crew.

If you need prefabricated pipe for your next project, contact our professional team. We’ll deliver quality materials to help you with your build.