Three Advancements Transforming The Welding Industry

Technological developments in the welding industry have transformed the way that businesses operate. In the past, large-scale welding operations resulted in long-term company shutdowns and unnecessary downtime. Now, professional welders offer mobile services which means companies can continue production even when welding is required. Read on to find out more about three advancements transforming the welding industry and how we work today.

#1 Hot Tapping

Hot tapping is the process of carrying out welding on existing piping or pressurized systems without shutting down the entire pipeline. Professional welders can make improvements to pipes and systems without their work closing down daily operations. IM&W can install or repair existing pipes across chilled or hot water, steam, and even gas pipelines if they are Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) approved.

Hot tapping is a revolutionary advancement in the welding industry as it allows welders to work on active pipelines. The pipeline owner will be satisfied as the bulk of their projects can continue, while welders can still perform the necessary upgrades. Hot tapping is now used for a huge range of upgrades, including:

  • Creating new pipe networks
  • Draining off highly pressurized fluids
  • Installing flow meters or pressure sensors.

This advancement has expanded to include a wide range of sectors including wastewater, oil, gas plants, water distribution and even upgrades to private properties like building upgrades or new tenancies. Hot tapping allows work to be completed with a minimum of inconvenience to both business owners and individuals alike.

The future of hot tapping will allow even more upgrades to be carried out while the system is still running. Production lines and property owners will benefit from better and faster welding services without costly downtime affecting their revenue or product output.

#2 Mobile Pipe Welding Services

Mobile pipe welding services have also developed significantly since contractors began offering this service. At International Mechanical & Welding, we bring the equipment, expertise and resourcing needed to a huge range of welding projects.

The biggest advancements that we offer at IM&W include:

  • Knowledge of gas, process and process piping (including pressurized fluids)
  • Machinery and tools designed to adapt to any size of the project
  • Hot tapping knowledge and experience
  • Custom piping prefabrication.

Mobile pipe welding services have adapted beyond simply basic welding, to include a huge range of functions, from gas-safe residential property upgrades to large oil networks. Professional welders with over thirty-five years of experience like IM&W are able to visit any number of sites without being limited to a set location. 

They can also provide consulting advice on safety, pipe fittings and installations. Recent advancements in the welding industry have allowed mobile welding services to offer expertise across a huge range of locations, at a better cost saving to the project or property owner. Hire a team of experts for the same price as one in-house welder.

#3 Prefabrication

Traditionally, site managers and project owners were responsible for ensuring that pipes were fitted to the correct specifications. Now, with the advancement of mobile pipe welding services, site owners can outsource pipe fitting to another company. 

Some of the most recent advancements in the welding industry include mobile welding services providing high-definition cutting and profile burning. Mobile pipe welders can now create tailored pipe forming and cut-to-length services. IM&W can provide food grade and sanitary level pipes for projects where precision and hygiene are vital.

Many of the advantages of this prefabrication service include:

  • Ensuring you can make project deadlines by outsourcing prefabrication to a mobile welding service.
  • Feeling confident in pipe cutting and forming knowledge by hiring a dedicated group of specialists.
  • Setting clear budgets and project timelines with your welding team in advance to ensure you can control materials and finances.

Recent advancements in the welding industry also include metal prefabrication, where mobile welding services can help you create entire projects from scratch. Metal prefabrication begins with metal cutting and stamping, then moves on to fitting the pieces together (welding), and then forging, where the metal is shaped into the required sizing.

The Future Of Welding Is Customization 

The future of the welding sector is customization. Project owners frequently expect and need mobile welding services to offer increasingly bespoke and tailored welding services. 

Some of the key ways these mobile services should advance in future are:

Customized Prefabrication

In future, mobile welding services should be able to offer an increasingly diverse list of pipe and metal prefabrication options. At IM&W we are already ahead of the curve, as our prefabrication specialists will sit down with your team and ensure we can cater to all your fitting and cutting needs.

Diverse Knowledge

In-house welding teams are often limited to their knowledge of a particular site or project. Mobile welding services need to offer an increasingly diverse set of skills, including gas, oil, and water units, and pressure and process piping options. This skill set is already available within the IM&W team.

Consulting Services

Mobile welding services go beyond a team of welders. Project consulting is already a key part of IM&W, but will be increasingly important as people rely more and more on independent welding services. Recent advancements in the welding industry will include technological equipment that specialist services like IM&W can provide their expertise on.

International Mechanical & Welding

International Mechanical & Welding are your partners in welding, hot tapping and prefabrication. We are more than a team of welders. Our team of specialists can advise on how to:

  • Carry out welding services without the risk of pipeline downtime
  • Develop a range of shop, metal and pipe items before your project begins
  • Gas, oil, process and piping welding services for a range of different functions
  • Specialist food fabrication and sanitary unit creation

At IM&W, we’re here to take you through the recent advancements in the welding industry. Contact us for advice on your project today. Consider us the welding consultants you need to complete your project.