Hot Tapping

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If you want a safe and affordable way to change your pipeline networks but don’t want the hassle of downtime, hot tapping may be the answer.

Hot tapping is a method of creating branches to pressurized systems without interrupting or draining the system.

This method is used to install connections to your system without needing to shut it down. It’s possible to weld onto pressurized systems while it remains in service.

Hot taps are possible in most systems from Chilled water or heating systems to TSSA regulated systems such as Steam or Natural Gas.

Hot tapping can also be used to drain off pressurized fluids and add test points, like temperature or pressure sensors or flow meters. Our professional team has the equipment and expertise to perform hot tapping services in various settings, including

  • Water distribution
  • Building maintenance
  • Natural gas plants
  • Wastewater
  • Oil networks
  • New construction tie-ins
  • Tenant Fit-outs
  • Pipe inspection
  • Flowmeter installation
  • Custom engineering

Advantages of hot tapping

The hot tapping method works well if you’re in need of repairs due to mechanical damage or corrosion or you need to add extra piping to expand your system. Our skilled team can provide hot tapping services for pressurized pipes, storage tanks, pipe elbows, blind flange or containment walls.

When you opt for hot tapping, you want to ensure you’re working with a qualified team. Only trained and experienced professionals should be permitted to complete the job. This is because your pipes are still active, and you don’t want to put your production at risk with amateur hands.

With our hot tapping service, you can be assured you will get the work done carefully, correctly, and at a reasonable price. Our team can prevent shutdowns or service interruptions. Your crew will be able to keep the production line running, so you don’t lose revenue.

Additionally, hot tapping can reduce the cost of planning for your product. It’s also a reliable process to prevent emissions or loss of product. If you need custom service solutions, hot tapping can provide the best service method for installation or repairs

hot tapping Procedure

Once the hot tap saddle is installed and pressure tested the hot tap machine is installed.

The valve is opened, hot tap is completed, and the coupon (or cut portion) is retained by latching onto the pilot drill. Pressure is contained within the hot tapping machine.

The cutter and coupon are retracted and the valve closed. Fluid is drained and the hot tapping machine is removed. The tapped valve is now ready for the contractor's tie-in.

did you know

We have performed over 500 hot tapping projects in the last 3 years. And we are one of the only contractors certified to hot tap into TSSA registered systems. Get a quote!